Company strategy

Laboratoire PAREVA – leading manufacturer of bulk PHMB

Our strategy is to perpetuate and constantly improve our know-how, to remain competitive and be recognized for our seriousness and our ability to produce a wide range of PHMB or related products, while maintaining a balance to meet the needs for quality of life at work and respecting the environment.

Company Values & Mission statement

We are committed to supplying quality products to our customers by working to improve our expertise in manufacturing operations, industrial engineering, and by holding ourselves accountable for our rigour in the production of a PHMB or PHMB-related products.

It is also our mission to promote innovation and remain competitive on the market while maintaining a healthy work-life balance for our employees.

Last but not least, we devote our efforts to reduce resource consumption as well as our environmental footprint.

Major challenges

Pareva’s management team identified the following five core challenges to address:

Promote team engagement through a healthy work-life balance

Be agile, to respond to customer demands quickly

Foster a culture of prevention of occupational health and safety hazards

Uphold appealing corporate policies that attract, engage, and retain talent within our team

Build company financial strength to create wealth and employment while continually respecting our splendid natural surroundings

Main support functions

In order to ensure efficiency in our manufacturing and distribution processes, Laboratoire PAREVA relies on its four main entities:

  1. A Lab Team with:
    • a Production Lab to control and analyse raw materials as well as the finished product;
    • a Research & Development Lab, where our ingenuous personnel engage long-term challenges, to improve our manufacturing processes and work on client added-value projects;
    • a Microbiology lab where initial lab tests are performed.
  2. A Regulatory Team to monitors mandatory certifications or registrations for PHMB applications required by accreditation bodies in Europe, the USA, Asia, and Latin America. They also work to provide strategic guidance to customers
  3. A Sales & Logistics Team to ensure a swift execution of customer orders and organise shipments all around the world
  4. A Quality-Control Team to safeguard the effective execution PAREVA Quality Management System (QMS)

High Quality

available team

efficient and reactive logistics

high storage capacity

competitive prices

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